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By: clarakentus | October 26, 2015

There is nothing simple and safe about dealing with a plant such as Poison Ivy. It hasn't become the name of the sleek, sultry, menacing creature in Batman's comics for no reason. However, in real life,  I cannot simply use the Batman sign and get the job done in no time. As a plant, Poison Ivy is very hazardous, causing allergic reactions,  unbearable rushes and scratching. It can spread really fast and you' can never be completely sure whether you got rid of every single bit of it or not. Whoever gets in touch with this plant will inevitably experience itching that may turn into a rash and eventually painful blisters. The discomfort can be managed with certain lotions, however, it doesn't simply go away quickly.


Many a time the following situation has occurred: I am getting stuff done peacefully in my garden and all of a sudden I am rushing to the bathroom, leaving the boots and the clothes behind, knowing that they are already contaminated and I'm done for the day. This endlessly annoying plant simply finds a way to sneak up on you when you least expect it and before you realize, you're scratching your face after you're previously somehow touched something that has been touched by Poison Ivy. 


Incredibly disturbing as it is just by being so hard to get it off of your skin and manage the consequences, it is also very hard to eradicate it completely from your yard. The mere process of ripping it from the ground is so time and effort consuming that I've felt ready to give up on gardening several times in a row. 


What I never forget to do nowadays is to work in the garden all dressed up for the battle with the poisonous, shameless menace, never leaving out my super strong and durable garden glove I so much adore. When I wear it, I get a constant reminder not to scratch my face or remove pieces of hair from it. I learned it the hard way, but a tight pony tale, my strong garden glove, long sleeves and long, thick garden pants are the way to go against this hazardous plant. All of the things I wear while I get things done in the garden need to be washed immediately as an act of prevention, especially when I've found Poison Ivy and ripped it from the ground forcefully and successfully. I get better and better in this Poison Ivy eradication of mine, but still, I cannot say for sure that I can see the end of the war between us anytime soon.

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