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By: clarakentus | December 01, 2015

As an antique collector I know how tricky and challenging can be the whole process of collecting Chinese porcelain pieces. Not just because of the wide range of Chinese pieces available on the market, but also for the great number of fakes you can find out there. Because of this, establishing a collection of Chinese porcelain requires appropriate knowledge. This simple guide will provide you with the basic information on fake and real antiques from China so when it comes to buy new Chinese vases or other Chinese porcelain piece to enrich your collection, you can make more informed decision. 

What is defined as antique Chinese porcelain?  My definition of antique Chinese porcelain follows some practice: first, an antique must show porcelain ...

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By: clarakentus | October 26, 2015

There is nothing simple and safe about dealing with a plant such as Poison Ivy. It hasn't become the name of the sleek, sultry, menacing creature in Batman's comics for no reason. However, in real life,  I cannot simply use the Batman sign and get the job done in no time. As a plant, Poison Ivy is very hazardous, causing allergic reactions,  unbearable rushes and scratching. It can spread really fast and you' can never be completely sure whether you got rid of every single bit of it or not. Whoever gets in touch with this plant will inevitably experience itching that may turn into a rash and eventually painful blisters. The discomfort can be managed with certain lotions, however, it doesn't simply go away quickly.


Many a time the following...

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